Intraoral Digital Scanning

Many dental procedures require impressions.  Traditionally, impressions are obtained by placing a tray filled with messy "goop" in the patient's mouth.  This process is uncomfortable and inaccurate.  Dr. Jones uses the iTero Element intraoral digital scanner to take digital impressions.  Creating a digital model of a patients mouth is "goop" free, quick, comfortable, and accurate.     

CBCT Imaging

Dr. Jones uses Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) imaging to keep accurate digital dental records for each patient.  CBCT provides a 3-dimensional rendering of a patient's mouth.  This allows Dr.  Jones to view teeth, roots and, bone from any angle.  Traditional 2-dimensional dental imaging results in low resolution images that make it difficult for doctors to view necessary features in detail.  Dr. Jones uses the NewTom VGi scanner in his office.  This machine is known for having superior image resolution.  Using CBCT and the NewTom VGi allows Dr. Jones to provide you with the most comprehensive diagnostic dental imaging available!  Dr. Jones feels so strongly about the diagnostic benefit of CBCT that he provides CBCT services for other doctors by appointment!  Dr. Jones' mobile CBCT unit allows our staff to bring the value of CBCT to the entire Virginia dental community!  Learn more here: Mobile Imaging Solutions

Same Day Crown Milling

When a patient needs a crown, most dental offices take an impression, create a stone model, and outsource the crown design and fabrication to a dental lab.  At Jones Family Dentistry, we offer same day crowns!  Dr. Jones creates a digital model using the iTero element intraoral digital scanner.  The digital model is then uploaded into Fast crown design software.  Dr. Jones designs the crown and uses a chairside Glidewell milling machine to mill your crown while you wait!   The milled crown is then delivered on the same day.  Traditional crown design and delivery would normally take 1-3 weeks.  Dr. Jones can complete the whole process in a two hour visit!  

3D Printing/Appliance Design

In his office, Dr. Jones has the capability of using data from an intraoral digital scan to create a 3D printed model of the patient's teeth.  Using the 3D printed model, Dr. Jones can create dental appliances including but not limited to retainers, night guards, and sleep apnea devices.  Creating dental appliances in-office allows for shorter wait times and less expensive products!


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Mobile CBCT

Dr. Jones' Mobile CBCT unit

Dental retainer with 3D printed model

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